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On Failure and Success


Sunday Morning at around 4:00 AM the Indiegogo page of The Fine Young Capitalists was hacked by accessing Matthew’s Indiegogo account. The Hackers were able to modify the Indiegogo page, deleting all the information and replaced the description with text stating the campaign had been closed, on…

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Some of the lovely tributes to Robin.

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I’m tired. Why bother anymore.



hey hatos isnt this the picture jontron took with your phone?

omg yes he took this selfie on my phone at pax i cant believe……

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I read recently of a study in which 75 percent of adults said that someone with depression could get better just by being more positive.

Can you imagine the same 75 percent saying that someone who is paralyzed just needs to work out more, or that someone who is mentally retarded just needs to think “power thoughts”?

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